Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bleach Pen Art tutorial.

I visit Pinterest on a daily basis and always find such great ideas! One such idea came from The Next Bird.
She got a spot of bleach on a pair of pants and instead of throwing them out she grabbed a bleach pen and created a design around the spot! Genius! I went to my local Goodwill second hand store and got this lovely brown GAP t-shirt for $3.00. I bought a bleach pen from Wal-Mart.
It's hard to tell but I used chalk to sketch my pattern before I went nuts with the bleach pen. you can sort of see the faint chalk lines on the above picture... I also stuck a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and stretched it as snug as I could.
This is what the shirt looks like with the bleach on it - working its magic. I left in on for about 30 minutes. My drawing did not turn out completely symetrical. The beach pen flowed faster than I thought and so my first few lines were a little crazy but with a few deep meditative calming breaths I was able to still create a whimsical fun pattern.
After 30 minutes it still looks about the same, but you can tell that its working. I rinsed it and washed it and I'm wearing it right now... as I type this... and I'm not posting a photo because when I ate dinner I spilt salsa on the front of it... true story!  Once the bleach is washed off the lines are a soft brownish pink color, not a white color like they are in the photos. If you happen to be cruising your local thrift store and see a forlorn plain old t-shirt without a closet to call its own... give it a forever home and a new look with a bleach pen!

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