Monday, August 6, 2012

Baseball Birthday Cake

My son turned 8-years-old last week! Every year he picks a theme and I always make a cake for him.  This year the theme was baseball and more specifically the Texas Rangers.  I did not take pictures of the process on this project (I really don't want anyone to see what a messy state my kitchen is in when I'm in the midst of the creative process!).

The cake was made from two box mixes cooked in two 11x9 cake pans. I used this blog's suggestion for making box mix cakes taste like they are scratch made and ended up with a beautifully rich moist cake!

Note that the score is 8 to 0 in the 8th inning, since my son is 8-years old!                                           I followed Clockwork Lemon's directions for making Marshmallow Fondant. In years past I have purchased store bought fondant and it has done its job - looking smooth and pretty, but this stuff, did all of that and TASTED GOOD too! Very few guests peeled the fondant off, most just ate it!
I also purchased the baseball players that are on the cake from They are a product called Kaskey Kids Baseball Guys. This was also a present for my son, which I let him have as soon as I was done using them for the cake! I honestly would have put fewer players on the cake as they were a little too big to be to scale and the cake ended up a bit crowded, but we couldn't have a game without a full roster on the field!!! Could we?!?! I vetoed my son's idea to have two additional red-team players as base runners!
The base paths are crushed graham crackers and the outfield wall is made of graham crackers sprayed with edible food color spray. I used royal icing for the bases, foul lines and distance markers on the outfield wall (the numbers are the actual distances of the Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington). Finally the foul poles are wooden shish-ke-bab skewers.
Below are pictures of cakes from previous years - Just as a Bonus!

2nd Birthday - Nemo

3rd Birthday Scooby Doo

4th Birthday-Daffy Duck

5th Birthday - Scooby Doo (Take 2)

6th Birthday - Batman

7th Birthday - Spongebob Squarepants!

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  1. you suck. Just kidding. You know I am totally in awe of your mad cake skillz...

    Sadly, I'm just really proud of myself for finding not one, but TWO great bakeries in our town, so at least the boys aren't eating Wal-Mart cakes for their birthdays...