Saturday, October 19, 2013

Running behind... My boy is now 9!

I haven't blogged in a full year, geez... What a slacker! Well, it's time to try this again. First of all last summer at that 8th birthday party with the baseball themed cake we gave my son gymnastics lessons as a gift. He started going one hour a week and loving it! Then he started begging to compete, so now we can add "gymnastics mom" to the list of hats I wear.
Here's a great pick of my little gymnast with his coach (who sadly is moving away this week). He's smiling here but there were definitely some tears too!

So when that 9th birthday rolled around my son asked for- you guessed it- a boys gymnastics cake! Well I searched every corner of the Internet and found thousands if girl cakes for inspiration but for boys there wasn't much to choose from. No pre-made figures to purchase, nothing! 

I knew from the Scooby Doo cake I did when he was 4 that I definitely did not want to use modeling chocolate again, what a mess!

So I tried non-edible Polymer Clay. I purchased all the colors I needed and some cheap sculpting tools at Michaels and went for it.

The polymer clay has to be baked after you sculpt it, but I did it a few days before the party so it was ready as soon as the cakes cooled and were iced.  The only apparatus I couldn't figure out how to make was rings, so I make a chalk bucket instead. I also sculpted the gymnast to look like my son, right down to the tuft of hair that always sticks up in the back.

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